We will follow the Passat Route, this is a classic route around the world following the major weather systems. This will allow us to avoid large storms and sail mainly broad reach. We will visit the following countries:

Europe (July – Dec)

  • Leave The Netherlands and sail south
  • Via Belgium / France to England
  • Visit the English south coast till Falmouth or go the Channel Islands towards Brest
  • Cross the Golf of Biscay
  • Explore the Northern Spanish Ria’s
  • Sail south along the Portugees coast southwards
  • There we either sail east towards Madeira or south towards Morocco
  • Next stop are the Canary Islands from where we will start our Atlantic adventure

Atlantic sea and Caribbean (Dec – …)

  • We will cross directly to the Caribbean or first visit Cape Verde
  • The crossing will take approx. 3 weeks, after which we will arrive at Barbados or Grenada
  • We will take our time to explore the various Caribbean islands

Panama & Pacific Ocean 

  • From the Carib we will cross through the Panama Channel
  • We will arrive in the beautiful Pacific Ocean and plan to visit the many atolls that can only be visited by boat
  • This will included places like Galapagos islands, Marquises, France Polynesië, Cook islands to name a few
  • Eventually we will arrive at Australia and New Zealand
  • There we will decide if we continue sailing home or if we will fly back. However it will take a while before we have to take this decision